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Registration and Tuition

  • Upon registration the first month’s tuition and registration fees are due. These fees are nonrefundable.
  • Tuition is based on a mid-August through mid-May session and is divided into 9 1/2 monthly
    installments. Monthly tuition for September through May remain the same regardless of
    holidays, spring break and recital dates.
  • Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. Tuition will be charged to the credit card on
    file on the 1st of each month unless payment by alternate method is made prior to the 1st.
    Please include the student’s name on all checks.
  • Recital costume payments will be due in addition to tuition during the months of September,
    October, November & December. Please see our fee schedule for recital costume rates.
  • A 20% discount is offered for tuition and registration for every child after the first in the same
    immediate family. A free month of tuition is offered for anyone paying for the entire year by
    September 1st. This includes paying registration fee, costume fees and tuition.
  • A $15 fee will be assessed for any late payments.
  • A $25 fee will be assessed for all returned checks.
  • Recital Fee is due on February 1st.
  • Any student with an outstanding/overdue balance will not be permitted to participate in class.

Studio Guidelines

  • Hair must be completely secured and out of the face. All Ballet classes level 2 and higher 
must have hair in a bun.
  • Absolutely NO jewelry, t-shirts, sweat-shirts, sweat-pants, pajama pants or shorts will be 
allowed in any dance class with the exception of appropriate hip hop class attire.
  • Students should arrive approximately 10 minutes prior to class in order to prepare.
  • Leave valuables at home. The Pointe Dance Arts cannot ensure the safety of these items.
  • Cell phones are absolutely prohibited outside of the lobby area.
  • Students must be picked up no later than 10 minutes following the end of their class time.
  • Students with disciplinary problems will be removed from class.
  • We are a NUT FREE FACILITY. Please do not send your dancer with any food containing nuts.

Class Attire

Twinkle Babies & Twinkle Stars

  • Leotard (may have an attached skirt, but no unattached skirts)
  • Pink tights
  • Pink Ballet Shoes
  • Tan Tap Shoes w/ Velcro Strap
  • Hair secured out of the face

Ballet/Jazz/Tap 1

  • Solid Colored Leotard (no skirts)
  • Pink Transition/Convertible Tights
  • Pink Ballet Shoes
  • Tan Slip-on Jazz Shoes
  • Tan Tap Shoes w/ Velcro or Buckle Strap
  • May wear lycra shorts in jazz and tap
  • Hair pulled completely out of the face (ponytail or bun)

Ballet/Jazz/Tap/Lyrical 2A & up

  • Black Leotard (no skirts)
  • Pink Transition/Convertible Tights (for Ballet)
  • Pink Ballet Shoes
  • Tan or Black Slip-on Jazz Jazz Shoes (for Jazz & Lyrical)
  • Tan or Black Lace-up Tap Shoes (Tap 2 students may wear Mary Jane style taps for the beginning of the year)
  • May wear lycra dance shorts or leggings in jazz, lyrical and tap
  • Hair in bun

****Lyrical dancers are not required to wear a black leotard. Any solid color will be fine.

Hip Hop

  • Shorts, Sweatpants, T-Shirts, etc.
  • Tennis Shoes (shoes must not be worn outstide of the studio)
  • Hair must be pulled completely out of the face (ponytail or bun)


  • See Jazz 2A & up attire
  • Bare feet or dance socks required
  • Hair completely secure out of the face


  • Leotard
  • NO tights
  • NO socks or shoes
  • Lycra shorts permitted but not required
  • Hair completely pulled back (ponytail)

**pantyhose are not appropriate legwear.

**underwear should not be worn with leotards

Refund and Withdrawal Policy

  • There will be no refunds made for voluntary withdrawal, missed classes, sports seasons,
    holidays, vacations, inclement weather or lack of interest. NOTE: In cases of severe
    inclement weather, please call the studio for updates on canceled classes.
  • Please notify The Pointe Dance Arts office if you wish to withdraw. Costume fees and tuition
    will continue to be charged unless a written withdrawal notice is given by the parent or legal
    guardian to The Pointe Dance Arts.
  • Any student withdrawing after October 1st will be responsible for all remaining costume
  • Any account that requires collection of any sort will be responsible for all applicable fees and

Attendance and Makeup Class Policy

  • Excessive absences and/or tardies may prevent a student from performing in our annual
    recital. Private lessons may be necessary for any student with excessive absences. Private
    lessons are available at a rate of $60/hour.
  • There will be no discounts or refunds available for missed classes.
  • Students are encouraged to attend an alternative class to make up lessons missed for any
    reason including canceled classes due to inclement weather. The Pointe does not offer special
    make up days for classes missed due to inclement weather.
  • Perfect Attendance Tropies are presented to those having no absences for the entire dance
    year. Those students who make up any missed classes prior to February 1st do qualify for